Lockdown diary pt. 2

Well, the time is approaching for us to re-open, hopefully!

The garden is looking well kept for a change. The tomato and sweet pepper plants are flourishing apart from a little nip of frost damage. I’ve been really enjoying watching the little pond come to life. Dragonfly nymphs transforming in the night into their amazing adult forms on the stems of thin rushes, the surprising sight of a few newts and the odd frog popping up in amongst the plant at the edges.

The dog’s groomer has sorted out her parlour arrangements so they are now looking beautifully trim and ready for summer! Thanks Coral. We are getting plenty of exercise and mental nourishment walking them all around the many open areas throughout Grove and Wantage, following the old canal and Letcombe Brook, bushy paths through the houses and some of the wilder, open places.

Spending a little too much time on social media but loving the discussions, the banter and the humour but most of all, admiring the generosity and altruism of so many people in these extraordinary times. Not just here but the whole world. I try not to think too deeply about it but, the ramifications of this pandemic situation are truly brain frazzling.

Back to the practicalities. Plans for re-opening are going well. We have hand sanitizer and wipes, facemasks and disposable gloves etc. The screens should be here any day now after a little problem with availability. No surprise there! I’m hoping to get them fitted in the next couple of weeks in time for the 15th, the date the Government has given for retailers to re-open. I am under no illusions though that it’s going to be easy safely dealing with such personal items as jewellery, both customers’ and our own. This is new territory for us all!

See you soon!

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