Back to 'normal'.

So, that's the first week opening done with the new retail guidelines in place. A mixture of appointments and non-appointments. People are being very sensitive to the requirements of social distancing, hand sanitising etc. I think we all need a bit of the old normalities though for our sanity so conversation has been a mixture of lockdown experiences but tempered with a bit of banter! Thank you to all of you for your patience as we get back into the swing of things.

I must admit that I've spent far too much time watching humorous videos, laughing at the various silly FB and Instagram posts but also marvelling at the creativity and inventiveness of our musicians, artists, writers and actors who have been entertaining us remotely really making use of technology in the most imaginative way.

Our local charity organisations have been amazing, helping the vulnerable and those in self isolation, volunteering for deliveries, shopping and generally keeping things moving. What a fantastic bunch you are! I have to single out one particular person, and that is Ray Collins. You sir, have been an inspiration! Thank yous also go to our posties and post office staff who have kept going throughout.

On the national scale the front line workers, delivery drivers and all the companies that have kept Britain running are to be commended for their efforts and, of course, the amazing NHS have been heroes. They, above all, should be rewarded handsomely and continue to be so. Behind the scenes normally but more visible now, our scientists, both here and internationally also deserve much more recognition. I hope that we now realise just how important these people are to our lives. Maybe now is the time to consider that their contribution is worth rather more that those who get paid huge sums for a less vital contribution.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of second hand chains. While gold is so high in price, these represent very good value for money! Please contact us for prices if you are interested.

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